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Butoh Elementals

A Four Part Intellectual & Physical Approach to Exploration’
Workshop by Holly Chernobyl

Freitag 9. August 2016, 12 – 16 Uhr

In Ghost & the Voice, we will activate our glands using vocalizations, work with the parasympathetic nervous system through movement and sound, and explore the ghost. Ask: what is a ghost? How does a ghost relate to time?

In Monster & Horror, we will transform into, embody, and dance with our worst selves, delve into the horror of replacement, and explore the Monster.
Ask: what is a monster? How does a monster relate to time?

In Human & Crisis, we will explore the concepts of Crisis Energy and Survival Movement, as well as excavate and perform human coping mechanisms and methods.
Ask: what is a human? How does a human relate to time?

In Dream & Time, we will review the structure of the brain with an emphasis on the pineal gland.We will attempt to manipulate time/perception of time, and engage in an extended Hijikata-inspired dance mediation. Finally, we will discuss the concept of the 4th dimension and how it relates to Butoh.

Suggested donation of 5 – 10 € for the workshop.
Please confirm participation to hollychernobyl [at] gmail [dot] com

>top Schillerpalais
Schillerpromenade 4
12049 Berlin

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