Jernquist Coloring Book Show @ Berlin Alexanderplatz


Jernquist Coloring Book Show

Dienstag 27. September 2016, 18 – 22 Uhr

Thomas Behling | Charlotte Gettings | Reinhold Gottwald | Nina Isabelle | Honey Jernquist | Jon Konkol | Peter Max Lawrence | Mari Poller | Nooshin Rostami | Alex Solman | Micki Tschur | Wilde Wakhs – Markus S Fiedler | Artists from Theatre RambaZamba

Coloring will also be open and available during the event!
RSVP – or
for address and directions. Thank you!
Please come check out the work and join in!

Jernquist Coloring Book is a structured but not goal oriented all ages coloring experience. It is fun, imaginative, useful, meditative, and teaches basic relationships of geometries and patterns.
This pop-up show at Studio Fidlär will feature completed Jernquist Coloring Books by a variety of international artists.

10178 Berlin


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