Opening Corridor 1: Onkalo @ insitu


Armin Keplinger and HeHe | Egor Kraft | Klaus Lutz

Freitag 21. Oktober 2016, 18 – 21 Uhr

a site-specific work

In 2020 the first long-term nuclear waste repository in the world will be ready for use in Finland under the name Onkalo. Onkalo is a deep geological construction, built over a period of 25 years and made for storing highly radioactive nuclear waste in a safe manner until its decay in 100,000 years. The project raises questions not only about the conservation, reliability and durability of the site, but also of how life on earth could look like in a very distant future and how to protect the inhabitants from opening the site.

For Corridor I visitors will enter into speculations of how to transmit information about the site’s danger over thousands of years; of imagining who or what that information will be transmitted to; and what the potential discoverers will believe they have found when they come across Onkalo.

In addition to a multilayered discussion around the topic of Onkalo mixing artistic positions and non art information and material, Corridor I presents a site-specific commissioned work by artist Armin Keplinger.

Corridor I: Onkalo marks the launch of insitu’s Cycle IV, an ambitious three exhibition cycle dealing with the potential of time travel. Described as Corridors each exhibition takes visitors on an unfolding narrative that provides a special exhibition-viewing experience. Each show will begin with a significant moment related to scientific discoveries or notorious events in history.

insitu e. V.
Kurfürstenstraße 21-22
10785 Berlin

22.10.2016 – 21.01.2017   [Click here for map ]

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