Directors Lounge Screening: Urban Research Screening – Spectra of Space @ Z-Bar


Urban Research – Spectra of Space

Donnerstag 27. Oktober 2016, 21 – 23 Uhr

Sylva Fern | David de Rozas | Lynne Sachs | Hans Georg Esch | Rhayne Vermette | LJ Frezza | Benna | Laura Kraning | Luis Valdovino | Dan Boor

The idea of scale in architectural contemplations reflects on the meaning of the space, also scale connects with urban topology and contemporary ideas of social geography. Social, political, or personal impacts may be seen differently if seen from different point of views: looking from a global, national, municipal, personal, community-based or journalistic point of view.
These new films create spatial contemplations or film essays from Chicago, San Francisco, Berlin, New York, Canada, from a historical literature connection (Kerouac) or even the virtual space of a Sci-Fi film series.
The screening presents a diversity of films connected with architecture, urban space and landscape from documentary to experimental, and will create an interesting visual dialogue about urban space in film.

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