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Order Of Things

Eröffnung und Artist Talk and Soup: Samstag 5. November 2016, 19 – 23 Uhr

Karin Häll, MFA, Stockholm, shows the installation ‘Order Of Things’. The artist talk on Saturday 5th of November will deal with the processes in her work and unexpected conditions in life. The dividings-lines and situations in everyday life which have suddenly changed and how that reflects in her artwork.

The installation revolves around the changeable quality of things and being, seeking control over accidents and death whilst understanding the world from the position of the underdog. The work consists of objects and sculptures in a variety of materials. In order to describe what is universal Karin Häll uses in part her own history. From a pair of worn-out jeans, a hand appears, marked with a long lifeline and symbols for a perfect life. Cases and various surface materials, exposed with their fillings and contents, raise questions about artificial and natural growth. The works are about their own creation, as much as portraying or conjuring up a physical environment.

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