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Your Skin Is A Frozen Wave
Lorenzo Sandoval

Samstag 26. November 2016, 19 – 22 Uhr

The exhibition ‘Your Skin Is A Frozen Wave’ sees both a continuation and new direction in the work of Lorenzo Sandoval in which the artist exhibits works of expanded poetry in a bespoke presentation unit channeled into two new pieces: ‚Your skin is a Frozen Wave’ and ‘Heliotext’.

‘Your Skin is a Frozen Wave’ is a continuation of the exhibition ‘Deep Surface’, which happened earlier this year at L’Atelier-ksr. In this project, Sandoval produced an exploration about the contemporary lack of solid references.

The boards of the presentation, arranged in the exhibition space of Buro BDP, bring to mind the open pages of a codex book. Hung on them are marbled print outs of a selection from a series of poetry written by Sandoval over the last year, as part of ‘Deep Surface’. These poems are delicate and evocative and move from a global, contemporary perspective to the individual poet artist adjusting the reality of life to the fine-tuning of metaphor and image. (‘The borders of a continent / First slowly melting / To come back, solidifying’).

In August 2015 the ambitious project A Soft Tragedy saw Sandoval build a raft and conduct a multi authored spatial storytelling on the canal system of Berlin. Now, the boards of this raft play host to a new body of poetic work authored solely by the artist.

The second work, ‘Heliotext’, points towards the notion of being able to write text with light itself, which continues from a starting point for Sandoval of much of his current research on the distribution of images and its relation with computation, departing from the friendship of Henry Talbot – the inventor of the negative/positive system that allowed the distribution of photographic prints – with Charles Babbage – who together with Ada Lovelave was a pioneer in early computation. This new body of work is a reflection on how the knot of images and computation interweave the private life with larger infrastructures, modulating both desire and ways of living.

The poems are suggestive of Imagism and its use of condensed language to draw out a moment or image but also expressive of the mode of their production, namely the handheld smart phone. They have been collected and published in a chapbook by Broken Dimanche Press in which the static screen of the phone has been reproduced to give an extra frame within the space of the page.

Lorenzo Sandoval works in the crossing points of artistic practice, curatorial processes and spatial design. He holds a B.F.A and he is writing the thesis for the Masters in Photography, Art and Technology from the UPV (Valencia, Spain). He has exhibited in many venues internationall as well as attending international residencies in Denmark, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Kenia. ‚Deep Surface‘ was his last solo at L’Atelier-ksr Berlin in 2016. Recently, he won the art prize ‚Generaciones 2017‘ that will be presented in La Casa Encendida (Madrid) in 2017. Since 2015, he runs the fictional institution ‚The Institute for Endotic Research‘.

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