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Evan Deuitch | Joan Farrenkopf | Rachel Fein-Smolinski | Landon Perkins

Eröffnung: Donnerstag 24. November 2016, 18 – 22 Uhr

Working across a wide range of media, the four artists found common ground in their insatiable desire to find a Pleasure Point, that ineffable aspect of something where sensual gratification is undeniable, whether it is the anthropomorphic center of Furry culture, the visual language of the neurotic scientist, the pitfalls of Western ideologies, or even the mining of people’s overlooked narratives. This exhibition is a culmination of these four artists’ desires to find – no-holds-barred – the Pleasure Point.

Evan Deuitch mines the use of amateur image-making processes in Furry fandom. Deuitch’s overlapping of self-portraiture, digital illustration, and collage connects DIY sensibilities of past subcultures with contemporary internet communities that fetishize fantasy, transformation, and post-humanism. The costuming, photographing, and drawing over of props and masks is not done to achieve perfect believability, but rather to emphasize the limitations of the inanimate in creating animal-human hybridity. While parallels in the work are created between fur and leather fetishism, this aesthetic is ultimately specific to the artists own set of characters, offering an individual, idiosyncratic take on the Furry experience.

Joan Farrenkopf’s installation builds upon her current research and plans for a public performance “Relate” at Berlin-Alexanderplatz. In her ongoing social practice, Farrenkopf’s art emerges in everyday human interactions such as meeting, gathering information, listening, collecting and sharing. In her questioning, Farrenkopf considers how actions and gestures can create cultural stability and change. Her artworks explore various socio-cultural conditions and examine the changes that effect human development and history.

Rachel Fein-Smolinski’s installations playfully question the intersection of technology and biology and vision. Incorporating videos and photographs of experiments that she carries out with objects borrowed from the authoritative imagery of techno-scientific and medical advancement, with archival images sourced from scientific educational institutions, she builds sets that explore the relationship between compulsion and research. In this exhibition, her installation deals with aspects of epistemophilia (obsession with knowledge) and scopophilia (pleasure derived purely from looking) within science-fictional narratives. It includes documents of dissection, microscopy, and at-home medical training, in a set that rides the line between the sleek aesthetics of high commerce, and the endearing hackneyed aesthetics of the DIY scientist.

Landon Malcolm Perkins uses the language of construction sites, commercial signage, and manicured landscapes to create installations that re-imagine fabricated environmental experience. The artist draws from his own history of failure and misinterpretation as a foundation for the work, by exploring how external characteristics of the constructed world influence inner consciousness. Are we the product of our own choices in an urban environment? Or are we bi-products of our situational placement in history? Employing a variety of materials, surface treatments, and sculptural forms, Perkins probes the subjectivity of public space and highlights its artifice.

The culmination of a three-month residency in Berlin, the four artists in this exhibition are taking part in the Berlin Semester, a Syracuse University initiative to enhance the Master of Fine Arts experience through real life professional practices. Students are provided career development opportunities as they expand their individual practices. The program is directed by artist and educator Daniel Seiple in conjunction with professors Laura Heyman and Sam Van Aken of Syracuse University.

Semester contributors include artists Louis Cameron, Simon Denny, Christine Hill, Daniel Knorr, Adrian Lohmüller, Henrike Naumann, Nasan Tur, and curators Anna Gritz (Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art), Marie Graftieaux and Nora Mayr (Insitu) and Raimar Stange.
The residency and studios are located at the Fahrbereitschaft with the Haubrok Foundation in Berlin-Lichtenberg.

Schönhauser Allee 161a
10435 Berlin

25. – 30. 11 2016


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