IT’S NOT OKAY @ Kreuzberg Pavillon



Samstag 19. Dezember 2016, 20 Uhr

For the intervention in our show the participants agreed to secretly submit a contribution for somebody else.

Jörn Birkholz submitted by Stephan Groß
Yoko Ono submitted by Andy Berner
Charlotte Lenger submitted by Zohar Fraiman
Jeremy Hutchison submitted by Tom Bogaert
Paul Senderowitsch submitted by Aleksandra Poljanec
Sonja Bendel submitted by Anne Brannys
Julius Bobke submitted by Reinhold Nazarenus
Alexander Norton submitted by Madelen Lindgren
Mike MacKeldey submitted by Immanuel Rohringer
Lilia Kovka submitted by Timo Klöppel
Aidan Calabria submitted by Wilfried Payssé

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