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Hans-Peter Schütt: ”Unnamed ones”

Bild Safari is a serie of art events done by two artists:

Maja Breife | Hans-Peter Schütt

Samstag 7. Januar 2017, 19 Uhr

Every Bild Safari event presents itself according to circumstances at hand and so far it has been emerging as a box of comics, installation and a traditional form of an exhibition with individual pieces.

Bild Safari is swedish and it translates to safari of pictures. In Bild Safari the focus of art is on animals in a way or another.

Serie ”Unnamed ones ” is a serie of portraits which is playing between notions of familiar and unregocnizable, inviting to meet with the strange ones.

Imagine a world where the sight of a wild butterfly wouldn´t exist. How to create a memory of a butterfly?

MBreife-Once upon a butterfly (1)_500.jpg
Maja Breife: ”Once upon a butterfly”

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7. – 11. Januar 2017 | 12 – 19 Uhr | | | [Stadtplanlink… ]

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