Screening of Hyperstition @ UdK Berlin


Truth is Science is Fiction: HYPERSTITION (100 min.)

by Armen Avanessian and Christopher Roth

A presentation of the class „At the Limits of Perception and Cognition“

Public screening: Freitag 13. Januar 2017, 18 Uhr, screening starts 18:15

Any collected money goes to the makers of the film. The number of seats is limited – first come, first served.

„And what if there was no beginning?“ (Iain Hamilton Grant)

HYPERSTITION: A film on time and narrative. Of thoughts and images. On plants and the outside. Abduction and Recursion. Yoctoseconds and Platonia. Plots and anaerobic organisms. About the movement of thinking and philosophy in anthropology, art, design, economy, linguistics, mathematics, and politics. And back into abstraction.

„You’re always at the beginning and always at the end.“ (Ray Brassier) HYPERSTITION: The retooling of philosophy and political theory for the 21st Century.

Featuring: Armen Avanessian, Elie Ayache, Ray Brassier, Iain Hamilton Grant, Helen Hester, Deneb Kozikoski, Robin Mackay, Steven Shaviro, Benedict Singleton, Nick Srnicek, Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Agatha Wara, Pete Wolfendale, and Suhail Malik in 2026.

Appearances: Georg Diez, Anke Hennig, Tom Lamberty, Nick Land, Quentin Meillassoux, Reza Negarestani, Björn Quiring, Patricia Reed, Tom Streidl, James Trafford, Jeanne Tremsal, Alex Williams, and Slavoj Žižek.

Title sequences/Intermissions 2026: Diann Bauer
Drawings: Andreas Töpfer
Music: Cosimo Barnet

Universität der Künste Berlin  | Hörsaal 158
Hardenbergstr. 33
10623 Berlin


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