Yuka Takahashi & Bilwa @ grüntaler9


9 x 9:00 ::::::::: performance by Yuka Takahashi & Bilwa

Freitag 13. Januar 2017, 19 Uhr

Yuka Takahashi and William “Bilwa” Costa are two artists whose performance practices cross disciplines and genres, including: performance art, sound, music, dance, and task-based movements. Based on their individual practices, they have each created a series of nine-minute structures, and/or tasks for movement, sound, and performative actions. From these they will choose nine, which they will co-perform, as a duo and perhaps as a group, in an evening performance at Grüntaler9. This will mark the debut of their duo.

grüntaler9 – space towards the performative
Grüntaler Str. 9
13357 Berlin

S/U Gesundbrunnen | [see on map]

http://www.gruentaler9.com/    | https://williambilwacosta.com/ | http://www.yukatakahashi.org/

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