Caroline Corleone | Jorge Lopes @ SALVE Berlin

image: detail view, Lopes&Corleone, 120×100, 2016


Eröffnung: Donnerstag 26. Januar 2017, 19-21 Uhr

Caroline Corleone and Jorge Lopes met last year before Corleone traveled to
Portugal. They quickly agreed to collaborate over coffee and “Pastel de
Nata”. The rules were that each artist was to begin three separate blot paintings
which are a take on the Rorschach inkblot test used for psychological
evaluation. They then exchanged their unfinished work up to three times,
painted separately, painted together. During that process, Corleone and
Lopes were constantly questioning their own „signature style“, the confines
of the painter’s ego and also, which collaborative actions benefit or ruin
the paintings.

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