Eberhard | Erel | Fischerlehner | Vogel Wassermann @ SOWIESO


Ute Wassermann (voice, bird calls) | Sabine Vogel (flutes) | Silke Eberhard (saxophones) | Rudi Fischerlehner (drums) | Korhan Erel (electronics)

Freitag 10. Februar 2017, 20 – 22:30 Uhr

Electronics player Korhan Erel invites an all-star cast for an evening of various combinations at Neukölln’s Sowieso. The audience should prepare themselves for good music, conversation, and drinks.
Among other groupings, the evening will feature a duo with Sabine Vogel and Ute Wassermann, as well as a short work-in-progress duo with Rudi Fischerlehner and Korhan Erel.
Since we want to cram as many possibilities as possible within the timeframe until the neighbors call the police, we will start as early as possible.

Weisestr. 24
12049 Berlin


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