How does the world breathe now? N°16 with Anri Sala @ Savvy Contemporary

how does the world breathe now? is a 52 week film series at SAVVY Contemporary inviting artists, thinkers, activists, poets, scientists, curators and other practitioners to select movies of our nows.

Session N°16 with Anri Sala

On the How of Why the Lion Roars | A film lecture

Mittwoch 8. February, 2017, 19 Uhr

In session N°16 of our film series we are honored to welcome the artist Anri Sala who invites us to have a look through the windows of his house of artistic creation. In his lecture he will show excerpts of films which not only inspired him but became also part of the composition of his interactive film installation Why the Lion Roars.

Anri Sala explains about the selection for the screening: Apart from the fact that I think these films capture a certain Zeitgeist – be it by referring to the emptiness and despair that lie beneath the sunny facade of 1960s suburbia in the US or by capturing the current reality of illegal immigrants within a love story in Thailand – I’m choosing these films because they were both part of my weather-based project Why the Lion Roars, 2010.

Why the Lion Roars is a composition of feature films that communicate through a feeling for temperature. Each of the fifty-seven selected films represents specifically defined degrees, from minus 11°C to 45°C. A thermometer measures the temperature outside the projection space and simultaneously edits the film programme, which changes in correspondence with the actual outdoor temperature. While one movie would be screened at 25°C and one of the films, for example The Swimmer or Blissfully Yours, appeared at 26°C, their journeys thus cutting into each other and their narratives merging with the slightest outdoor temperature change.

One additional feature that both films have in common is the importance that they both give to the notion of touch and the tactile. While we see the touch between lovers along with the one between patient and doctor in the Thai romance, the act of touching in the other movie conveys a strange feeling of discomfort. Both movies present the touch as a means of sending and receiving that embodies exchange, as well as vulnerability, and are therefore in stark contrast to what touch is increasingly becoming nowadays: a one-way command from hands to device screens. (Text: Savvy)

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