Directors Lounge Screening: Ronald Steckel @ Z-Bar


Morgenröte Im Aufgang – Hommage á Jacob Böhme (de, 81 min)

directed by Max Hopp, Jan Korthäuer, Ronald Steckel and Klaus Weingarten.
Ronald Steckel, will join the evening.

Mittwoch 15. Februar 2017, 21 Uhr

Morgenröte Im Aufgang (Aurora at its rising or The rising of Dawn) by Max Hopp, Jan Korthäuer, Ronald Steckel and Klaus Weingarten is a cinematic hommage to Jacob Böhme (1575 – 17 November 1624), a German Christian mystic and shoemaker. He was considered an original thinker by many of his contemporaries within the Lutheran tradition, and his first book, commonly known as Aurora, caused a great scandal.
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For Klaus Eisenlohr it is a great pleasure to announce Madame Elga Sorbas, formal Member of the Rainer Maria Fassbinder Ensemble, as a special guest for this evening

Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte | 

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