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Transmediale Vorspiel Event #4
The Body of Dough

Samstag 18. Februar 2017, 15 – 18 Uhr (Donation basis)

A workshop with artist Kim Dotty Hachmann

How does the dough grow? What does it need for it? Discovering the secrets of dough mixing and dough kneading. Together we want to acquire this knowledge, then try to see how the dough can become a body and how the body can become a dough. How can we transfer this principle to our bodies? Through the hands of others feel our own body. How can these two approaches become an artistic one, which is expressed in different forms such as sculpture, photography, film or performance. The workshop also serves the exchange of life recipes and mindfulness practice as a part of kitchen magic.

From her very own experience female artist Kim Dotty Hachmann is examining the combination of family life and artistic career. She is questioning what society means today and experimenting with future scenarios. In her practice she also colaborates with her children to include their creativity potential and join forces. 

During transmediale Vorspiel 2017, the audience will be invited to join Kitchenlab experiences with Mindaugas Gapševičius, Penka Mincheva, Matthias Roth, Kim Dotty Hachmann, Elizabeth McTernan and Alice Morey.

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