Alinta Krauth: Under-Mine @ Art Laboratory Berlin


Under-Mine at Art Laboratory Berlin – Transmediale Vorspiel

Vernissage: Samstag 25. Februar 2017, 20 Uhr

Artist talk am Sonntag 26. Februar 2017, 15 Uhr

Under-Mine solo SciArt exhibition by Australian Alinta Krauth looks at the effects of climate change on animal senses. There are many ways in which we recognise that a shifting climate effects creatures of all kinds – the most commonly understood is habitat disruption. But there are also many lesser-known effects, such as how it affects the senses, and thus a creature’s ability to navigate and survive in their world.

Under-Mine seeks to represent some of the more interesting cases of sense disruption through climate change: the horse and proprioception, the lizard and chemoreception, the woodlouse and hygroreception/thigmokineses, the bat and echolocation, the turtle and magnetoreception, among others.

The display is made of five animation art pieces and one large interactive display through which the audience can choose to view the stories of these creatures through an interactive timeline between now and a warmer/moister future, turning artwork into both narrative and game.

A study book will also be available to show the available scientific research into these areas, compiled by the artist.

>> Artist talk on 26 February, 2017 at 3PM <<

Art Laboratory Berlin gallery is dedicated particularly to art/science disciplinary cross overs, and Under-Mine is a part of their „Nonhuman Subjectivities“ series. From the flier: The series »Nonhuman Subjectivities« consists of theoretical reflections on nonhuman agents. Recent philosophical approaches question anthropocentrism and suggest an object-oriented view. We suggest drawing attention to a reality, which can no longer be described by mere anthropocentric parameters. Recently many artists have taken up the role of vital actors in interdisciplinary fields between the [post]humanities and natural sciences, Art Laboratory Berlin responds with exhibitions, events and symposia.

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