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The Activation Of The Protector Of The Forest Spirit

Ritual performance: Freitag 10. März 2017, 19 Uhr

In the frame of the exhibition „Inhaling Nature“ performed by the artist, Valentin B-A (vinyls), Lan Hungh (drums), Felipe Amaya (dance) and others.

Artist Talk: Dienstag 14. März 2017, 19 Uhr
Christoph Both-Asmus & Tiny Domingos (Director of the project space rosalux)

The participative ritual is performed by multimedia artist Christoph Both-Asmus together with Valentin B-A (vinyls), Lan Hungh (drums), Felipe Amaya (dance) and others.

The exhibition presents recent works by the multimedia artist, particularly large-scale paper works, objects and photographs in the interplay between the themes of sustainability, environmentalism as well as nature cults.
In recent years we have been part of a transformative change. People are becoming more and more aware of global changes and the interconnection of almost all aspects of our life. Christoph is an artist and an environmentalist, and he is willing to raise awareness for the ecosystem’s fragility and the importance of protecting the primary rainforest, the lungs of our planet.

Christoph Both-Asmus’s so far most extensive project “The Tree Walker” led him meet with artists in Central Africa last year. He spent three weeks in different countries climbing trees and making paper works directly in the rainforest. His collaborations with the renowned botanist Prof. Francis Hallé and Cameroonian artist Hervé Youmbi gave him a deep insight into the meanings of the forest.

According to the artist, the top of a tree can be understood as a boundary between worlds, places and states of mind. Therefore a special event at the gallery will be organized aiming at “The Activation Of The Protector Of The Forest Spirit”. This collaborative ritual performance can be seen in the context of “The Tree Walker”. Based on Hervé Youmbi’s commissioned traditional African mask (with hidden magic powers), Christoph is going to activate it together with performance artists and friends at the gallery. With his transdisciplinary approach, the artist seeks out the relationship between knowledge and non-knowledge and makes positions significant in his sensitively explored artworks.

Auguststrasse 35
10119 Berlin


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