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Hassan Khan: Dreams and Music

Booklaunch: Montag 13. März 2017, 19 Uhr

Hassan Khan is an artist, musician, and writer living in Cairo.
The evening will be composed of a conversation between Hassan Khan, Nida Ghouse, and Kaya Behkalam featuring documents from the artist’s archive and musical interludes.

Hassan Khan’s complex and evocative multi-disciplinary artwork, including texts, films, images, sounds and objects, are comprised of both notional incidents –

“the way you dash across the road, the exact distance between two shelves in a run downs café, the hysterical ranting of an obsessed writer, a moment of embarrassment suddenly remembered while washing the dishes”

– and the ordered structures of motivated meaning that are sustained in secret agreements and social coercion. This book assesses, explores, and tests the play of two specific kinds of sources in Khan’s work – dreams and music – and responds to their intrinsic resistance to discursive incorporation via idiosyncratic and freely associative texts and images. Nida Ghouse offers an account of dream-composition and oscillating states of no context. Sam Shalabi delivers a sequence of “liner notes” on Khan’s music, with personal commentaries on the problem of noise and musicianship, the Cairo experimental scene, and the quandary of insider / outsider dynamics.

Dreams and Music: Hassan Khan is edited by Kaya Behkalam, Anneka Lenssen and Beth Stryker, and published by Revolver Publishing, Berlin in 2016. The book is the second in the AUC_LAB Notes on Practice series, on contemporary art practices in Cairo. Copies will be on sale at the venue.

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