Amarante Abramovici | Covadonga Barreiro | João Vasco Paiva | Sérgio Leitão | Tânia Dinis @ rosalux

How this is different from Westphalia (Q I [1]), Sérgio Leitão 2016. Photo credits: António Alves

CORRESPONDENCES – Mixed media installation

Amarante Abramovici | Covadonga Barreiro |
João Vasco Paiva | Sérgio Leitão | Tânia Dinis

Eröffnung: Freitag 31. März 2017, 19 Uhr

Exhibition curated by Eduarda Neves

A letter excerpt included in Jacques Derrida’s LA CARTE POSTALE (1980) is taken as a reference for the CORRESPONDENCES project.

In this fragment, dated June 5 1977, Derrida writes: “What I like most about postcards is that we do not know what is in front and what is in back, here or there, near or far, Plato or Socrates, face or reverse. Nor what is more important – the image or the text or, within the text, the message, the caption or the address.”

Published in 1980 in France, the above mentioned text is part of the criticism operated by Jacques Derrida to Western philosophical tradition and, despite its markedly intertextual and meta-literary character, it configures a political attitude.

As Derrida correctly stressed, without “logoi” (concepts) no special class of connections is especifically „logic“. It becomes imperative to force language, break it, disfigure it, force the concepts to say something else. In this movement against the origin, establishing the conditions of its impossibility, we adopt the postcard as an open letter, without secret, front or back, without contrast between metaphorical and literal, rhetoric and logic. A figure working on speech. More here:

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