Andrew Ranville @ Import Projects


An evening of conversation, screenings, and chili, with artist Andrew Ranville

Mittwoch 12. April 2017, 20 Uhr

Andrew Ranville, the first artist-in-residence at Import Projects (mid-March to mid-April), is currently carrying out research in preparation for programming planned for Autumn 2017 in collaboration with The Temporal School of Experimental Geography.

During the evening Andrew will present his projects and research concerning the artist’s role in our new ecological reality, the mutability of geopolitical borders, global community and individual sovereignty amidst the rise of populist thought, and how to drink water from the bottom of a lake without drowning. In addition, for the first time publicly, Andrew will digitally screen a short selection of his experimental Super 8 and 16mm films. Anja Henckel and Marietta Auras will share an overview of the program the Temporal School of Experimental Geography will be participating in later in 2017. Following the talk Andrew will share his signature Rabbit Island dish: a five bean sweet potato chili (veg friendly), inviting everyone to join in an open conversation concerning the issues raised.

Import Projects
Keithstraße 10 (Vorderhaus)
10787 Berlin – Charlottenburg | |

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