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Freitag 21. April 2017, ab 18 Uhr (day-ticket 7-12 euro up to your offer)
Samstag 22. April 2017, ab 9 Uhr (day-ticket 7-12 euro up to your offer)
Sonntag 23. April 2017, ab 9 Uhr (day-ticket 5-10 euro up to your offer)

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Curated by Alfredo Ciannameo for the series Dark Society

While smart is the keyword of the omni-connection through the internet of things and social media, dark is the state of our relation with the user-oriented technology that operates the data collection of our online choices and issues our privacy and self determination in the web.

Like never before, we are spectators of an effort of sense-making within the massive amount of data available, which is in urgent need of being interpreted by controversial intelligent machines, such as hackers do when they call them systems of surveillance. In this digital space, the Dark Web extends into grey-zone territory: banned by society as a container of illegal activities while serving as a genesis of new subcultures.

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