Heather Frasch @ Liebig12

Heather Frasch : Sense Boxes

Dienstag 25. + 30. April 2017, 19 Uhr

Installation Opening 25.04.17 // from 7PM // with Performances by

Joe Kudirka- music box solo
Post Music with Lucio Capece, Heather Frasch, Joe Kudirka & Koen Nutters

Opening hours: April 27- 28: 17:30 – 20 // April 29 : 14- 19 // April 30: 14 -19

HEATHER FRASCH, is a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic concert music, performer/composer (flute, laptop/electronics & sonic objects), and creator of interactive sound installations and digital instruments. She co-runs mumei publishing, which publishes online journals and monographs that concern text-sound perceptions (copies will be on view). Heather will present the following installation including a series of performative acts.

Sense Boxes: interactive multimedia installation (2014- 2017)

If one could touch sound, what would if feel like?

We are constantly touched by sound in the world around us. But it touches us, we don’t touch it. In this interactive installation for boxes, fabric, sounds & sensors, participants are invited to discover what a sound might feel like if we could hold it in our hands. Like the selected physical materials, the sounds used are highly textural. The two are connected together, so that a sonic “fuzzy” sound is matched with a physical “fuzzy material”. Each box is embedded with a variety of sensors (force, stroke, stretch, etc. ). The participant then gently pushes, pulls, squeezes, and stretches the material, which manipulates the sounds coming through the headphones. Sensitivities are rewarded with subtle interactive moments.

Sight is intentionally masked, so that touch is intimately connected with listening. Participants are encouraged to listen with fresh ears to the electronic sounds, and encouraged to connect with notions of space and form that are embedded in each of these distinctive virtual objects.

more about Heather: https://www.heatherfrasch.net/about/,

Closing performances on 30.04 // 7PM with Axel Dörner, Heather Frasch, & Annette Krebs

Liebigstrasse 12

10247 Berlin

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