Vorfeld/Scott/Gratkowski | Andreae @ Liebig


Vorfeld/Scott/Gratkowski • Andreae

Samstag 22. April 2017, 20 Uhr

Michael Vorfeld – percussion
Richard Scott – modular synthesizer
Frank Gratkowski – contrabass clarinet, bass clarinet, Bb clarinet, alto saxophone

Sam Andreae – Solo Saxophone

Three of Berlin’s most celebrated improvising musicians came together in 2015 and established an instant rapport as evidenced by these recordings and by sparking, crackling concerts in underground Berlin venues such as NK, Studio 8 and Loophole.
This post-Echtzeit trio express much of what is interesting and refreshing about the current Berlin scene, which is so very different from just a few years ago. Nothing is forbidden; passages of noisy spectral beauty, free jazz, agitated textures of contemporary composition, moments of “Echtzeitmusik” stillness and “English” free improvisation flow seamlessly and without contradiction. The music is open and truly improvised, perpetually able to change direction without obvious rules or adherence to any idiom. The three musicians move between such modalities in a way that is fluent and fluid rather than eclectic or impatient. Like the city itself, the music seems able to embrace many truths and perceptions simultaneously, without wanting or needing to choose one to live by.
As all three musicians have so much music “under their fingers” the group might in another era have taken on the mantle of “supergroup”. But such an idea is interestingly irrelevant to the music we hear on “Sieben Entrückte Lieder”. The music’s evident ambition is turned away from displays of technique and virtuosity and instead is directed towards infinitely more precious qualities: a virtuosity of listening, curiosity and playfulness, and a great pleasure in the collective embracing of the flux and flow of the musical moment. [More here… ]


Liebigstrasse 12

10247 Berlin

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