Concert Performance in the frame of Julian Weber´s „Constructing Ruins“ @ District


Dmitry Paranyushkin | NEUNAU (live) | AERODYNAMIKA / DJ Set

Concert Performance: Mittwoch 23. März, 2016, 21 Uhr

For the occasion of Julian Weber’s exhibition at District Berlin „Constructing Ruins“ and the Full Moon, we will facilitate a durational musical experience with everybody involved. NEUNAU will play a live primordial techno set using the materials of this Earth and Dmitry Paranyushkin will provide sound~wave~oscillations for the duration of the evening as Aerodynamika. [Info… ]


Julian Weber’s multi-platform, interdisciplinary performance and exhibition project constructing ruins explores the relationship between visual art, dance, and music as a collaborative process. constructing ruins (keeping it wet) at District manifests itself in a setting located between laboratory and workshop, club and stage where the physical conditions and inter-worlds of animate and inanimate matter are explored. The topos of the catastrophic herein becomes a territory of possibility, a space to generate interactions between objects and bodies. In this humid, ever-transforming environment, Julian Weber invites musicians and visitors to explore the performative potential of a ruinous setting through collaborative, sculptural actions. constructing ruins (keeping it wet) is a project in the frame of the District series AAArchitecture. [Info here… ]

NEUNAU The Earth was covered by ice and the landscape was that of an immense frozen desert. Boulders, rocks and sand were brought downstream by the slow invasion of the glaciers and crushed by their enormous weight, forging even harder rock in turn. Neunau draws inspiration from this natural phenomena, sculpting his indelible, ritualistic and furious expression into the materials themselves to the rhythm of an incessant heartbeat.

AERODYNAMIKA The study of oscillatory patterns of movement in non-equilibrium states.
Polysingular rhythmical structures. Primitive cosmology.
Resident of the Local Prophets, 3AM, and the Special Agency. 78-150 bpm, 40-150 Hz.

Bessemerstraße 2-14
12103 Berlin–Tempelhof 


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