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Artist Talk: Jungwoo Lee @ Centrum



Artist Talk with Jungwoo Lee

Sonntag 8. Mai 2016, 18 Uhr

„Do you know someone from that far-far away land called North Korea? That place where communist dictatorship rules and everyone is dressed the same? Where you are not allowed to wear jeans and it’s forbidden to watch western media?“

In his 5-channel video installation My name is Red Jungwoo Lee questions the public image of North Korea as a chimera shrouded in myth, heavily influenced by pop culture and the media. The secretiveness of the state has made it an easy target for the so-called West to project various stereotypes about Asian people and about dictatorship onto the country. In his work Lee examines how one constructs „the other“ as a more-fictional-than-factual counterpart to ones own culture.

In an interview setting 20 young people talk in monologues about their relationship with the communist country. Their stories overlap, fray, and get fragmented by the editing. In their diversity and peculiarity it becomes obvious that these are tales rather than experiential reports, that the interviewees impersonate fictional characters. As the narratives mainly focus on stereotypes, prejudices, concepts of „otherness“, and the feeling of being alienated, they reveal more about the speakers themselves and their personal experiences as foreigners in Germany, than any objective truths or serious observations about North Korea.


Reuterstraße 7
12053 Berlin – Neukölln

20. 02. – 20. 03. 2016

Anke Westermann @ Phoenix BB


Anke Westermann  1#1 SITE

Sonntag 1. Mai 2016, 19 – 23 Uhr

Midissage am  Sonntag, 8. Mai 14-19h
Contributions am  Freitag, 13. Mai 19-22h
Last Day am  Sonntag, 15. Mai 15-20h

Presentation of graphic works from Anke Westermann´s Projektor– project at 1#1 SITE.
Contributing artists: Heike Hamann, Iris Selke, Christian Sievers, Pit Schultz,
Anke Westermann, Antje Vowinkel,  Klasse Bettina Kraus, Karsten Trappe, Gabriela Volanti, Anna Gatjal, Monika Filz, Erik Göngrich, Daniela Doreen Revink, Mario Grubisic, Katja Bröskamp & Antje Höricht, Ae Hee Lee, Tony Just, Hester Oerlemans, Cisca Bogmann, Caroline Bayer
Freitag, 13. Mai 19-22h

Last Day:
Last chance to visit the show

Sonntag, 15.Mai 15-20h

Anke Westermann refers with this installation work to results of „densification“ of the city. By shrinking an already tiny exhibition space the work interlinks to vanishing places „to be“ and the topic of temporality. The construction material of 1#1SITE tells us on one hand a story of BRIX project-series and implies also the awaited huge building to be set up upon the ground of today´s Phoenix-BB. Additional architectural sculptures, drawings and video-projection complete the show.

PHOENIX-B(erlin)B(ischkek) ARTSPACE
Natalia Kusnezova , Bjoern Achilles , Gero Neumeister
Koloniestrasse 10, Hinterhof
13357 Berlin

01.05. – 15. 05. 2016 and by appointment (0179/7588860)

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Introduction : Project Space Festival Berlin 2016

Image: Lage Egal (Day 22 / Project Space Festival 2015); photo by Markus Georg.

Introduction : Project Space Festival Berlin 2016

Sonntag 8. Mai 2016, 16 Uhr

The Project Space Festival Berlin takes creatives and visitors on a month-long trip through Berlin’s independent art scene to discover some of its many and varied project spaces. Rather than institutional or commercial white cube spaces, project spaces are usually independent, highly experimental, and work creatively with limited funds. They spark dialogue, nurture local communities, serve as seismographs of cultural trends, and operate under conditions of simultaneous freedom and fragility. More than often, they are a labor of love for those who run them.

The Festival aims to present a diverse program of interesting and inspiring spaces, providing a momentary slice of the city’s independent scene. During the Festival, each participating space will host and organise one admission-free event, with one occurring on each day of August.

This year´s artistic directors Marie-Jo Ourtilane (General Public) and Heiko Pfreundt (Kreuzberg Pavillon) will introduce the new open call and discuss the possibilities and visions for the coming festival in August 2016.

Gneisenaustrasse 52 (im Hinterhof)
10961 Berlin – Kreuzberg

U7 Südstern

Marcos Vidal Font | Wai Kit Lam @ >top e.V. Schillerpalais

image caption: Wai Kit Lam, „Passport Photos, 2002“ (details), 2016, 139 prints, size various,
text: Courtesy of the artist.  Marcos Vidal Font, „Body casts“, 2015, ceramic sculptures. Courtesy of the artist.

Human Traces – Marcos Vidal Font & Wai Kit Lam

Eröffnung: Samstag 7. Mai 2016, 19 – 23 Uhr

When I was studying art I was living in Valencia. This city has one of the biggest medieval parts in Europe. During the time I was living there many buildings had to be renovated. A company tired/tore all the content of a house in a big metal container. In those containers you could find a kind of chaos capsule of time, furniture, photos, lamps, books, and personal belongings. All objects from a family or an old couple there looking at me, telling me the story of their lives. I remember since I bought books from other people in the second hand store, some of them with personal notes it always made me question about the owners, who they were and what were represented in their lives.

Like a snail we leave unconsciously traces, a part of ourselves on the way. Why are we storing those traces? Does it make sense? Why did our grandfather collected all those tools and rubbish and our grandmother kept all those photos and personal things in every drawer? Is it memory or uncured melancholy? Are humans ill of memories or do those things shape our identity?

My shadow scratches the walls of my house. You can feel the sadness in a room, somehow the pain and the pleasure splash in the places, and our traces are there too. Some artists want to leave a trace, tell something about themselves, something personal. About someone who left, left marks, signs, the rest of the wreck. This exhibition shows two versions of traces from the same mess. The messy world in which we are living.
Text by Marcos Vidal Font

top e.V. Schillerpalais
Schillerpromenade 4
12049 Berlin

More info: | |


Stadt hinter Längsblende, Schwedter Str. 133 im Hof, 1994, 120 x 180 cm, Edition 7+2AP, 2016


Ausstellung „Null Uhr“ und Buchpremiere

Ausstellungseröffnung und Buchpremiere: Samstag 7. Mai, 19 – 22 Uhr

Einführung: Dr. Enno Kaufhold, Fotohistoriker | Musik: Ben Prasad Pant (Violine), Szenische Lesung mit Texten des Künstlers: Sophie Polack

“ …Widerborstig und verschlossen hat er sich seit 1984 mit der „Sicht“ beschäftigt und als erste Handlung demonstrativ vor der Kamera die eigenen Sichtverhältnisse blockiert. Sein Aktivismus ist Protest und Ansage in einem. Es gab nicht viele Künstler und Künstlerinnen in der DDR, die so unverhohlen und absichtlich ein „Anti“ proklamierten – und zwar öffentlich… (Textauszug Christoph Tannert, aus: Systematiker und Überspringer)

Photo Edition Berlin präsentiert anlässlich der neu erschienen Monografie „Sichtabsicht“ von Kurt Buchwald die Ausstellung „Null Uhr“, mit neuen Editionen seiner Werke als auch seltene Vintage Abzüge. Der Künstler ist anwesend.

Mit Texten von Christoph Tannert, Uwe Warnke, Greta Garle, Kurt Buchwald und Fabiola Bierhoff. photo edition berlin (hg), 2016, 384 Seiten, 4/4 farbig und Duplex
ISBN 978-3-00-051915-4

Galerie und Verlag für Fotografie
10437 Berlin

08. 05.   ̶  29. 06. 2016 | Mi. 14 – 18 Uhr und Sa. 12 – 16 Uhr u. n. tel. Vereinb.

Lecture performance: Uriel Orlow


Uriel Orlow’s lecture performance

Unmade Film: The Proposal

Samstag 7. Mai 2016, 20 Uhr

Following the presentation soup and drinks will be served.

„Upon the horrific realization that Kfar Sha’ul is in fact Deir Yassin, Orlow set out on a journey to probe the meaning of one painful event in history obliterating the other, in a context of historical intimacy between both…  Orlow’s Unmade Film reconstructs a narrative of space, time and historical blind-spots that adds layers of unsettled new meaning to questions of subconscious pain, trauma and suffering in the contexts of obliterated geo-histories.”
Hanan Toukan

Unmade Film: The Proposal is a lecture performance that presents the journey of a film that is impossible to make.

It takes as its starting point the mental hospital Kfar Sha’ul in Jerusalem. Initially specialising in the treatment of Holocaust survivors – including a relative of the artist – it was established in 1951 using the remains of the Palestinian village Deir Yassin that had been depopulated in a massacre by Zionist paramilitaries in April 1948. In the lecture performance the artist reconstructs a narrative of time and space and explores questions around narrative structures and the eventual impossibility of making the proposed film. The live format combines story telling, autobiography, and interrogation with the act of witnessing on the part of the audience.

Unmade Film is a collection of audio-visual works that point to the structure of a film but never fully become one. The different elements evolved over a two year period of research and production through exchanges and collaborations with psychologists, psychiatric nurses, historians, musicians, pupils, amateur actors, curators, artists and others. In this last work of Unmade Film, the artist returns to the very beginning of the project, looking backward and forward at the same time.

Uriel Orlow’s practice is research-based, process-oriented and multi-disciplinary including film, photography, drawing and sound. He is known for single screen film works, lecture performances and modular, multi-media installations that focus on specific locations and micro-histories and bring different image-regimes and narrative modes into correspondence. His work is concerned with spatial manifestations of memory, blind spots of representation and forms of haunting. Solo exhibitions include John Hansard Gallery, Southampton; Showroom, London; Castello di Rivoli, Turin; Depo, Istanbul; Les Complices*, Zurich; Centre PasquArt Biel; Spike Island, Bristol; Jewish Museum New York. Orlow’s work was also presented at recent survey exhibitions Edinburgh Art Festival, Recent British Artists Film and Video at Tate Britain, London, EVA International Limerick (all 2014), Bergen Assembly  and Aichi Triennale (2013), Manifesta 9 (2012); the 54th Venice Biennale, 8th Mercosul Biennial, Brazil (both 2011).

13351 Berlin

U6 Seestraße |  |

Kerstin Cmelka | Sunah Choi | Christian Falsnaes @ Kurt-Blumenladen



Eröffnung: Samstag 7. Mai 2016, 18-21 Uhr

Ausgehend von dem Wunsch, zentrale, vergangene Werke der Berliner KünstlerInnen Kerstin Cmelka, Sunah Choi und Christian Falsnaes wieder im Hier und Jetzt erfahrbar zu machen, kreist die Ausstellung auf vielerlei Ebenen um die Thematik der Wiederholung. Letztere wird zunächst verstanden als eine Möglichkeit zur Dokumentation von Performance-Kunst: Nicht etwa Fotografien oder Videos zeugen von Cmelkas Change, Chois Composition T und Falsnaes’ One, sondern Wiederholungen von den Arbeiten selbst. Auch inhaltlich bringt das Sujet der Wiederholung die anfangs von ihrer künstlerischen Herangehensweise her so unterschiedlich scheinenden performativen Akte einander nahe. So eint die Arbeiten ein Zirkulieren um mal eher feine, mal sehr deutliche repetitive Gesten, welche die Prämisse ihrer vollen Bedeutungsentfaltung sind. Gleichzeitig schreiben Cmelka, Choi und Falsnaes den hier ausgestellten Werken explizit die Möglichkeit zur Wiederholung ein. Ihnen allen liegt ein spezifischer geplanter Ablauf zugrunde – wie eine Art Versuchsanordnung. (Kuration: Kira Dell)

14. Mai 2016, 18 Uhr – Kerstin Cmelka, Change

21. Mai 2016, 18 Uhr – Sunah Choi, Composition T

28. Mai 2016, 18 Uhr – Christian Falsnaes, One
28. Mai 2016,20 Uhr – Finissage mit,  Artist Talk

Projektträger: | Gefördert durch die Schering Stiftung

(ehem. Projektraum „Hinter den Vögeln“ von Niche Berlin)
Friedhof St. Elisabeth II
Wollankstraße 66
13359 Berlin