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Technoshamanism Meeting II

Sonntag 17 April 2016, 14 – 24 Uhr

„Once again, we are calling all the cyborgs, witches, heretics, technoshamans, programmers, hackers, artists, alchemists, thinkers and everyone who might be curious to gather on sunday July 17, from 14:00 to midnight, in order to create discussions and practices regarding technoshamanism, thus strenghtening our newly started community in Berlin.“

With Carsten Agger | Fabiane M. Borges | Freifunk | Kei Kreutler | Markus Schwill aka Ohmnoise | Moana Mayall | Peggy Sylop | Colective IAUZK/U | Viktor Vejvoda | Sebastien Mazauric | Gustavo Sanroman | Vanessa Ramos-Velasquez

Why this 2nd meeting in Berlin?

„We want to take the opportunity of our stay in Berlin to make the IInd meeting in order to strengthen the network and introduce the theme of the Festival, that is “resistance and networks in the anthropocene”. We will follow the principles of technoshamanism, which aims to connect new technologies with ancestral ones in order to repair the historical division between the two kinds of knowledge. Technoshamanism intends to create new inputs for unorthodox ways of thinking regarding the development of free technology.“

„We know that there are so many interesting projects going on in the DIY scene in Berlin dealing with matter, alterity, interespecifics, psychogeophisics, transcultural, body and so on. We want to aproximate these practices with the technoshamanism enviroment…“

PROGRAMME [see here… ]

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Technoshamanism Meeting I

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